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Lewin Plunkett

Nik A. Mimari

Charlie J. Cilfone, P.E.

Hannah M. Watkins

Death and catastrophic loss incidents are tragic and complicated. From fires, explosions, and well-blow-outs to chemical exposure incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and train wrecks, catastrophic losses occur suddenly and stem from a variety of causes. Quick response to these incidents is of the utmost importance. Our catastrophic loss attorneys react in real time, mobilizing an accident response team, retaining experts, and leading confidential and privileged accident investigations. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of losses involving catastrophic losses on roadways and at well sites, construction sites, power plants, chemical processing plants, pipeline systems, compressor stations, railyards, as well as other structures and sites where work is being performed.

Our attorneys provide unparalleled legal strategy at the onset of any accident and are ready to respond on the day of a tragedy rather than waiting until the start of litigation. Our experience in the field uniquely sets us apart enabling us to defend our clients in any type of catastrophic incident from the moment it happens through the litigation process.

We’re there. Today.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Nik Mimari for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Loss

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