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Lewin Plunkett

The Honorable John J. Specia

Ronald Hornberger

Alternative dispute resolution is a process by which parties can settle disputes with the help of a third party. It is an alternative to litigation that empowers the litigants to determine their own outcome. Most of the time it is a faster and less expensive method for bringing closure to the legal process. Plunkett, Griesenbeck & Mimari offers alternative dispute resolution in the two most common forms – mediation and arbitration. Our well-respected mediators and arbitrators are highly trained and experienced in the field of dispute resolution.

Our mediation and arbitration services include the resolution of complex business and personal litigation involving diverse issues. We are committed to providing effective mediation and arbitration services in an environment conducive to resolving disputes of all types and sizes.

Resolving conflicts outside the courtroom.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Lewin Plunkett  for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

Arbitration and Mediation

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