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Civil Insurance Defense

With over 40 years of insurance defense experience, our attorneys provide a depth of insight and aggressive representation for insurance carriers and self-insured businesses with injury, property and casualty claims.

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Loss

Our attorneys are ready to respond the day tragedy strikes, providing unparalleled legal strategy and representation from the onset of any death or catastrophic loss incident.

Medical Malpractice Defense

Our expertly trained and credentialed medical malpractice team has the expertise necessary to defend health care institutions and medical professionals in a broad range of litigation matters and claims.

Personal Injury

Having defended clients in nearly every type of personal injury claim, we are able to provide proactive, strategic counsel throughout all stages of litigation.

Arbitration and Mediation

From complex business matters to personal litigation, we provide comprehensive mediation and arbitration services to resolve disputes of any type and size.

Commercial Litigation

Clients regularly turn to our trial-tested and highly skilled commercial attorneys to solve their most complex business disputes.

Appellate Law

Our appellate attorneys are advocates and counselors who rely on their extraordinary breadth of substantive legal knowledge to undertake appeals in federal and state courts.


Whether creditors seeking to maximize recoveries or debtors navigating financial uncertainty, we provide guidance and representation to establish clear and effective resolution strategies for bankruptcy matters.

Legal Malpractice Defense

Our legal malpractice attorneys deliver aggressive and insightful counsel and defense to attorneys facing legal action.

Labor and Employment

Our vast trial experience provides us with the expertise to protect employers in litigation and provide counsel on a variety of labor relations.

We've been providing legal services throughout Texas for more than forty years. Here's what we do.

This video is excerpted from interviews with Lewin Plunkett and Nik Mimari for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

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